Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the Season

This past Monday we found out that our third IUI did not take. We were super disappointed but had prepared ourselves for a negative report because we feel like we live on a rollercoaster and so the more we can prepare ourselves, the easier the letdown is (if that is possible!) I was in the running store buying myself some running shoes as a Christmas present from Todd =)  when sweet Nancy my nurse called me. She said the tests were negative and this IUI didnt take. Thankfully God has given some women the gift of empathy and during a time like this, those women are the greatest, Praise the Lord! But, she said that we would be doing hormone injections (apparently ALOT of them in my stomach!) Todd and I prayed and felt like this would be "doable" and so decided to continue on this road. The next day, another nurse called back and said that my doctor wants to continue and do another IUI in December and THEN change my plan in the new year. I had not cried about my negative test results but for some reason, I busted out crying when the nurse said that we were going to do another IUI. I told the nurse I felt like I was going insane doing the same thing and expecting different results. She didnt really appreciate my insanity humor and told me to deal with it!?! I know, I guess I caught her on a bad day =) So, after tears and prayers, Todd and I decided to do ANOTHER IUI on December 27th! The good news is, I started my period without medicine for the first time in over a year!! I know, only in the Freeman house would we jump up and down and celebrate with this kind of news (another reason I LOVE my husband!) so, we felt like this may be a good sign?!

On another note, I am reading one of the greatest books I have ever read, The Resolution for Women  by Priscilla Shirer. One whole chapter is about contentment. I always say that God has a sense of humor. This was the EXACT chapter I needed to read this past week and I have actually read it everyday this week. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"Contentment is....the faith-filled belief that what God has bestowed now is worthy of gratitude and appreciation, not because it is enough, but because it is good."

"By choosing means you no longer allow your yearnings and aspirations to control you, to rob from you the full use of and gratitude of what you've currently been given, leaving you unable to enjoy this because He hasn't given you that."

"In staying surprisingly satisfied, you actually receive the best of both worlds. You give yourself permission to enjoy fully the things you have, the person you are, and the life you are currently living, while continuing to harbor the dreams that keep you growing and stretching in the future."

Contentment, what a big word! Do you think God is trying to teach me to be content in my current situation? Todd and I have completely changed our prayers. We now are begging God to teach us to be content in any situation  He puts in our lives! It has definitely provided more peace in our life and marriage to allow ourselves to just be content in our current situation!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Third time is a charm?

Our journey through infertility continues! We had our third (and possibly our last) IUI this weekend. Thanksgiving night we started our ovulation kits and had to go to Birmingham on Friday morning (early!!). We had an ultrasound and shots on Friday and then had our IUI on Saturday morning. It was a quick turn around but a fun weekend! We spent the night at Ross Bridge and had a fun dinner/day! But, the realization came to us that this is our 3rd IUI. We can do as many as we would like, but Dr. Honea said that if this IUI doesnt work, we are going to start discussing our next steps. I appreciate that we do not keep doing things that do not work, but am nervous about our next steps. Todd and I have been really praying about our options after this IUI. Our dream would be that this IUI works and we would not have to go on to the next steps but we are being cautious and preparing for the future (just in case!). I have read lots of blogs recently of people who have adopted and so Todd and I have been praying about the two options: continuing in the infertility program or adopting. Please keep us in your prayers as we prayerfully consider our options for the future. December 12th will be the day we find out if our IUI worked! Its only 2 weeks away but seems like an eternity! Todd and I struggle with the idea of continuing on in the infertility program and feelings like we may be "playing God" when there are tons of children in the world that need a good home. But, we also desire to concieve a child and be pregnant and have a child naturally. So, those are our issues and the things we are prayerfully considering! We love and covet prayers and pray that through this journey (Todd refuses to call it a struggle because it is all in Gods plan and timing!) God is glorified. We LOVE Dr. Honea, and as we were discussing this IUI with her on Saturday she said, "I love yall and want this for yall but please know I consider birth and death all in God's timing and we have to think of it that way or we would all go crazy!" Isnt that the truth? I love that through all of this we have VERY VERY smart doctors that love us but also trust in the Lords timing and plan! What a testament!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guilty Frustration

I have not blogged in awhile because I have not known what to say. Todd and I were lucky enough to have a weekend alone in Birmingham a few weekends ago. We didnt go just because we had money to splurge (trust me that is not the case!) but it was a lot of fun to get away. Todd and I went on a Saturday and spent the afternoon shopping (Todd found a bar with a football game on while I shopped) and then we went to dinner and had a great night at Ross Bridge! Sunday morning we went to the ART program and had an ultrasound and my shot. Who would know that the ART program is PACKED on a Sunday morning at 8 am! The nurse was performing my ultrasound to check for follicles and I had two! Great news but made me super nervous because before I even asked she said, "yes you have two follicles, which means you could have twins if this IUI works!" Todd and I just looked at each other! Isnt God so funny? We pray for kids and there was a possibility for twins?! Well, Monday morning we had our second IUI. Our doctor was very positive about my follicles and about Todd's numbers. She was super sweet but did give me a very stern warning.....ONLY 3 HOURS OF EXERCISE A WEEK! That was gonna be a little hard for me but completely worth it if we got pregnant! So, we started the waiting game again. Two weeks of waiting. You are not supposed to take a pregnancy test, no wine, and just a lot of waiting! precious husband and I waited, and waited =) So, Monday, November 7th  was the day! I drove to Montgomery and was there when the doors opened at 7:00. They took my blood and then I waited some more! At 3 pm the sweet nurse called and told me that our IUI did not work this time. I need to preface this by saying, I thought I was pregnant! For two weeks I was STARVING and so so sleepy! So, deep down I thought "ok, two follicles, im sleepy and hungry, it has to work!" But, no God has different plans. I told Nancy, the nurse, that I was okay because better to have a negative test than another miscarriage. I was honestly okay until my sweet nurse said "okay, you need to come in this week and get another shot to start the cycle over again." I lost it! The idea of starting the whole thing over again made me slightly nauseous! For the first time since this process started, I got frustrated. I wasnt mad at anyone, just frustrated! My wonderful husband came home and while we were discussing this, I honestly looked at him and said "I am fustrated and it has to be okay that I am frustrated. I dont want to talk about this because right now, I cant even think about what comes next." I have since apologized to Todd, who has been completely supportive and understanding. And then I started to feel guilty for my frustration. So, I have to confess that it wasnt that I was doubting God's great plan and timing, I just sometimes cant seem to see the rainbows in the rain. But, like I told Todd, I woke up today, and its a new day and I feel completely blessed to have this testimony and now I get to go back to the doctor again tomorrow....for another shot =( No matter how many times a week I go to this doctor, the shots never get easier! We will see what the Lord has in store next! Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers. Todd and I always covet them!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Road Continues.....

So, it has been a tough month for Todd and me. But, this life we call "infertility" continues. After the miscarriage and pain on Sunday, I got to talk to my doctor on the Tuesday that followed. Can I remind everyone, I love my doctor!! She was so comforting and really explained what happened in "normal people" words! I even got a card in the mail from the doctor's office that said they were thinking about us and praying for us. I cannot express how much it means to have a doctor that really cares and loves us! So, our doctor said that we were going to continue on this path because she is hopeful that it will work again! She said that only 20% conceive on their first attempt at an IUI and the percentage goes up everytime! She seemed really positive and I am thankful she didnt give me an option to quit. Because, let me tell you, after everything this month, I would have wanted to quit. All that to say that we are going to have our second IUI this weekend (Lord willing!) It depends on all my hormone levels, etc. but, it is so exciting that we get to start all over! I couldnt imagine anything good coming out of what has happened this week but God has a way of proving Himself faithful through the pain! I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which is an easy way to say I have lots of cysts. So, during my first IUI I had over 20 cysts on one ovary and over 30 on the other ovary (which no one seemed worried about?!) But, when we did my last ultrasound this week, I had ZERO cysts!! I was shocked! I dont know why I was shocked, isnt God bigger than medicine? But, it means I have less pain and it is more likely that things will work well without the cysts on each ovary! So, through all the tears, there is a rainbow! So, we covet prayers throughout the next few days as we wait and anticipate our next round of infertility treatments, shots, and possibly another IUI! We will see....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rollercoaster of Emotions

God sometimes does not quiet the storms in our lives but keeps the storms going and quiets His child.....what a quote to describe this week!

Monday we found out that our IUI worked but my hormone levels were a little low so I was going to take LOTS of medicine and then go back on Thursday. So for 3 full days Todd and I prayed and hoped and anticipated the news on Thursday.

Thursday, I was in Montgomery at 7 am! Our pregnancy test was positive and they said I was 3 1/2 weeks pregnant!! I was ecstatic and beside myself! I could describe the excitement! Todd and I cried and prayed and cried some more! We were so excited! We decided to call our parents and tell them the great news. We also called some of our very closest friends to tell them. Some people believe telling as early as 4 weeks is too early, but so many people have been walking this journey with us, we felt we had to share this news because we covet prayers! So.....Thursday from 7 am until 3:30 we were the happiest people in the entire world.

Thursday afternoon as I was pulling up to AJHS for cheerleading practice, my sweet nurse in Birmingham called. She said "Rachel, we got your blood work back and your hormone levels went to ZERO!" I said, well what does that all mean? More meds, more shots? she siad "No Rachel, it means your little baby has died today" - well needless to say, I LOST IT! Todd and I spent Thursday afternoon/night in our bed in tears and in prayer! God comforts the brokenhearted and Gods timing is perfect were the two promises we were clinging to.

Today has been equally rough. I started having MAJOR pain on Friday and it has continued until today when we finally lost our little child. What a drastic rollercoaster of emotions. Through it all Todd and I keep repeating, "Gods timing is perfect!!" We have a phone conference with our amazing doctor on Tuesday, we will find out more then. Until then and after, we COVET prayers! God is still faithful!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Did you ask God for patience?"

That was the question one of my dear friends asked me on Monday when she called about my results from my apt. on Monday. So, Monday I set out for Montgomery at 5:50 in the morning for my 6:45 apt at the ART program to check my hormone levels, etc. I was under the impression that Monday afternoon I would know if I was pregnant or not. So, I waited ALLLLL day. Finally, at 4:30 my sweet nurse in Birmingham called. This was exactly how the first part of the conversation went:
nurse: Rachel, what are you doing
R: Well, Im driving to a football game
N: Okay, pull over I have to talk to you
R:Okay, am I dying?
N: Pull over! okay, here is the deal: I am not telling you that you are pregnant but I am saying that the IUI worked!!!
R: WHAT? Does that mean I got half a baby growing in me or something?

Okay, needless to say, I was completely confused! But, after LOTS of explaining, she told me that the IUI (that usually only has about a 20% chance of working the first time) worked and the effect of the IUI had happened! But, the problem is that my progesterone levels are not as high as they need them to be so they are not sure the IUI (which I like to consider a baby) may not sustain through this process.

So, whats next? Well, they gave me some lovely meds that are NOT taken orally that I have to take every night and then I go back tomorrow morning at the same time to see if my progesterone has gone up?! Apparently they will be able to tell me more tomorrow!

Praise the Lord that this process at least case I have to do it again, I am confident we are in the greatest hands! Also, if we are pregnant, then we now officially THREE weeks pregnant! Todd says it best when he told his mother that we are "cautiously optimistic". For the first time in this process, I have gotten really excited because we have had good news....which makes me so nervous! But, the author and perfecter of this world is in control. The God of the universe, who knows every hair on my head, also knows the plan for us! I cling to the assurance that "God is never early and never late! His timing is perfect!" Please continue to pray for peace and understanding through this process. Each step is one more answer and step! We are trusting in the perfect plan and timing of our God!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playing the waiting game

Wow, its been so long since I have posted! So much has happened. Todd and I have seen the work of God in so many steps of this process we have taken recently. First off, we LOVE our doctors in Birmingham (and Montgomery). So, we went to Birmingham in July for our initial consult. We left there completely overwhelmed but feeling so taken care of but the VERY smart doctors. Since then I have made 2 more trips to the ART program in B'ham and made about 10 trips to their satelite office in Montgomery. We went through the entire process of shots and medicines (which, I must say, I have become braver with needles!) and done TONS of ultrasounds. The step we just recently took was a big one for us. We had an IUI on Tuesday, September 20th. It was very painless and the best part was that I got a whole day with my husband! So, now we are in the waiting game. I went last week for blood work and they said my progesterone was a 40! (Before I went to B'ham, it was a .017 - so major difference!) and I go back on Monday to have more blood work drawn for a pregnancy test! Todd and I are nervous but know that God is in complete control of the situation. Our insurance pays for 8 IUI's so hopefully we wont have to have 8 of these "fun" things, but we know that we will do whatever the doctors advise us to do. What a praise that there are people ALOT smarter than us that can lead us through this process! Isn't God so great?

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Long Road Ahead

Well, Todd and I made it to and from Birmingham in one piece! I have never been nervous about our situation until the morning we were supposed to go to Birmingham to meet with the doctor. Suddenly, on the way up there, I got so nervous! But Todd and I kept repeating, "Be anxious about nothing...." over and over. Well, God proved He is in complete control. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our doctor in Birmingham. She is fantastic and absolutely the smartest woman in the world (okay that may be a little exaggeration!) But, we were there from 9:30-1:00 and were with a doctor or nurse the entire time. They truly learned our history, everything about us, and we left feeling taken care of by some people MUCH smarter than us! So, here is where we are: I am taking Vitamin D, Prenatal Vitamins, Insulin meds, 2 types of hormones, and another medicine that I can only order from a 1-800 number -  and then get to go to the doctor 6 times in a month! - Now, tell me if that doesnt give you heart burn?! But, the praises are that Todd is completely healthy, my doctor did not seem very concerned about my issues at all, and we are on the right path! Praise the Lord!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hectic life.....wouldn't change a thing!

In May I looked at our calendar and thought, "how in the world are we going to get it all done?" Well here we are and its almost all finished! Wow, where did 8 weeks go?

Since Chrysalis I have spent LOTS of time with 15 amazing young women! The Auburn JV Cheerleaders just finished UCA cheer camp! They are SOOOOO talented, and pretty cool girls, too =) They worked so hard and it paid off! They got second place in cheer and first place in dance at camp. I was so proud of them! I spent 4 LONG days in the Auburn arena, cheering on my girls, dancing with my girls, and bandaging LOTS of injuries! I love this group of girls!

Well, the main event of the summer is finally here! MY LITTLE SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!! Avery is getting married to a wonderful young man named Curtis. Todd and I are SO excited to spend a few days with our family and celebrate this special time in my little sister's life. We are even more excited that this time, it isnt our wedding so we get to REALLY eat and have fun at the reception, without worrying about everyone around us!

Todd and I have reached a new season in our life. I have been quiet about our struggles so far, but I feel that prayers of friends is so important during this time in our life, so I am asking for your prayers! I have been on fertility medicine for 7 months and everytime I get test results back, they come back with low numbers and depressing results. So, Thursday, July 28th, Todd and I are going to Birmingham to a fertility specialist to see what the next steps are in our future. As I told a great friend this morning, I am not nervous about the results because God is in completely control. I am a little nervous about all the test they are going to want to run. I have a ZERO tolerance for pain and hear that some of the tests can get uncomfortable. So, my prayer is that God goes before us and the entire process is bathed in his will and that whatever reason that Todd and I have been struggling with this for a year and a half, I pray that it brings glory to God! Oh, and we covet your prayers!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If I could go into full time ministry with teenage girls, I would do it! I was absolutely blessed to be a part of an amazing weekend of Chrysalis this past weekend! God worked in wonderful ways in many of the teenage girls at Chrysalis. It was such a tiring weekend but completely worth it. We ate ALOT, spent alot of time in a freezing conference room, and got to spend a lot of time praying and worshipping. I am so thankful for the friends that I got to meet and spend time with this past weekend. God is definitely moving in the life of teen girls and for that, I am SO thankful!! One of the greatest quotes of the weekend was:

"Your worth is not found in your circumstances or others opinions. Your worth is found in the favor of your Heavenly Father! You are a daughter of the King" - I think every girl (no matter the age) needs to hear that!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Halfway Through?

I cannot believe it is already almost the end of June! Where has the summer gone? I know where ours has gone.....traveling! It is so fun but we have spent more time on the road than we have at our own house this summer. My little sister, Avery, is getting married July 23rd so we have gotten to go to Memphis and help her and Curtis celebrate earlier this month! We also got to spend some good time with my mom and dad during that weekend in Memphis.

We have also spent a few weekends in Ashland with Todd's family. Unfortunately, two of those times have been for funerals.Todd's grandmother passed away on Good Friday and her funeral was on Easter Sunday. Todd gave the eulogy and did a fantastic job! But, Friday morning we received news that his grandfather was in the emergency room. His grandfather passed away friday at 2:30 and his funeral was on Father's Day. Todd gave the eulogy again and did a great job, of course!

We have also spend time at the my parents lake house and my favorite....THE BEACH! We spent a week in Gulf Shores (last week) and had such a fun time! As much as we desire to have children, we are enjoying the time that we get to just "run away" just the two of us! We just spent the days laying in the sun, went to dinner about 5:00 (surprised Julie J.?!) and went to bed was perfect!

Todd and I still have tons more traveling to do this summer and are constantly praying for safe travels. Prattville, Selma, Nashville, Florence, Ashland, and we come this summer!

We also started cheerleading back today. I missed those girls so much when we didnt have practice and am so glad to spend time with them. God has blessed me with another amazing group of young women. I love seeing them figure things out during their 9th grade year....what a year of change in young girls lives! We go to cheerleading camp in the middle of July.....pray for me! If we all still love each other after cheer camp, it will be a miracle! But, I'm enjoying them, for now =)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a fun start to summer!

Wow, I finally feel like summer is in full gear! Todd is a 12 month employee so I get my days to myself to play and enjoy the summer but Todd also gets to come home a little earlier than during the school year, so I get to spend the evenings with him! We went to the lake for Memorial Day and spent time with my sister, Avery, my soon to be brother in law, Curtis, and my dad. (Kel and mom were moving Kel to Austin this past weekend) 

My sweet dad, he has spent 40 years watching my mom be a hostess to everyone she knows, including her grown children, so with her absent, he TRIED his hardest to be her replacement. He put cushions out on the deck, had wine in the wine cooler, and even cooked breakfast for 3 mornings (typical male meal: bacon, eggs, and oatmeal). One morning he even said "guys, I am going to make us some pancakes." We were excited until he pulled out the frozen pancakes and asked "how many do you want? I have to heat them up in the microwave!" Okay, nothing against frozen pancakes, I like any breakfast items, it just made me laugh because he thought he was the greatest cook ever! Sweet dad, I sure do love him!

We spent time with my parents best friends and their kids who are like siblings to us. It was such a wonderful relaxing time. Todd and I LOVE going to the lake because we truly relax. Our phones dont work all the time so the only people we talk to are the people we see. It is really a time to focus on family and just enjoy the lake! Cooper even took his first boat ride....wish I had a picture of it! I think he was scared to death but he didnt try to jump out so we called it a success!

Lastly, I am about to start a new devotional in the morning called Praying with a Purpose.  I think God is really trying to teach me about my prayer life and so, I am listening! Cant wait to find out what this book teaches me...I will keep you updated, and probably be praying for you too!

Did I mention, I love summer!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

God proves Himself...again!

Okay, God is God and He does not have to PROVE Himself to us, but isnt it great when He does?! So, we all face things in our life where we wonder "Why me?" or "What am I supposed to learn from this?" Well, this year has been that way for me in many areas of life. Todd and I have spent many nights in prayer over certain issues and today seemed to be another dead end. I believe that God is tough enough and big enough for us to ask Him questions. I do not believe we need to doubt God but He knows our feelings, so I believe we are best to admit them to God. So, in the midst of tears and being brutally honest with God today, the radio in my car suddenly started playing the song "Blessings" by Laura Story. I have heard this song 100 times but suddenly it was VERY applicable. Isn't God good? While I am questioning God and asking why he lets certain things occur, he provides a song that proves He is listening to me (even me!) Hopefully the lyrics help others going through things that they dont understand!

We pray for blessings

We pray for peace

Comfort for family, protection while we sleep

We pray for healing, for prosperity

We pray for Your mighty hand to ease our suffering

All the while, You hear each spoken need

Yet love us way too much to give us lesser things

Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops

What if Your healing comes through tears

What if a thousand sleepless nights

Are what it takes to know You’re near

What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise

We pray for wisdom

Your voice to hear

And we cry in anger when we cannot feel You near

We doubt Your goodness, we doubt Your love

As if every promise from Your Word is not enough

All the while, You hear each desperate plea

And long that we'd have faith to believe

Isnt God great? In the midst of anger and questions towards God, He provides a love song! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The life of a teacher....

As I count down the days left in the school year (12 to be exact!), I started to think about all the different aspects of being a teacher. Only as a teacher can you train your bladder to feel a sense of urgency exactly TWO times a day. Only as a teacher can you eat lunch in 12 minutes flat, while answering emails and controlling 27 ten year olds. Only as a teacher can you have parents blame you for their child's behavior in the classroom, on the bus, AND at home! Only as a teacher can you hear whispers behind your back and know EXACTLY who was talking, what they were saying, and why it isnt appropriate. Only as a teacher can you teach a child the required curriculum all while teaching them not to pick their nose, pass gas, hit the person next to them, and still maintain patience. LASTLY, only in MY CLASSROOM can you have the following conversations:

Teacher: Dear(student's name), this conversation is making me want to jump off a bridge!
Student: Mrs. Freeman, that is amazing....can I please drive you to that bridge!

Teacher: Dear (student's name), you have started tap dancing on my last nerve....
Student: ohhh man, I didnt know I knew how to tap dance, I was hoping to jump and land on your last nerve!

Teacher:  Okay (student's name), please listen this time. I have given these directions 12 times.
Student: Well, I guess you need a little more patience. Twelve doesnt sound like alot

Teacher: (Students name), why are you making those weird noises?
Student: What noises?
Other Student: Havent you met him, we got a class of whackos!

Teacher: How was your weekend, (student's name)?
Student: You want the truth or you want me to tell you it was okay?
Teacher: What do you mean? Was it bad?
Student: No it was awesome, but if I told you the truth I would probably get in trouble, so Ill just lie and say it was fine!

Student: Can I show you how to do this (whatever the popular dance was at the time)
Teacher: Sure (teacher tries to dance)
Student: ummmmm, you are definitely white!

Student: Why do white girls have different hair than black girls?
Teacher: What do you mean?
Student: white girls never hit their heads when they itch and they cant take their hair out in the middle of class, thats boring!

and my very favorite......
Student: Mrs. Freeman, you got a hot legs!

Okay, so it sounds like my classroom is crazy, and that is because it is! God has blessed me with this group of kids. They are funny, keep me guessing, and definitely keep me praying!! I am so excited for summer but I will be honest, I will miss these sweet kids when they venture to Drake Middle School.

I promise, all those conversations have really happened in the last few weeks!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Its beginning to feel like spring!

Fall and Spring are my very favorite times of the year! Of course it is also the time that my allergies are at an all time high. The idea of sounding like a man and coughing up my lungs for 3 months in a row....wonderful! But, I have to admit....this weather is completely worth it! With this weather comes the huge sense that summer is coming!! Only 7 more weeks of school! The end of this school year will be bittersweet. As I have mentioned before, I will be teaching 3 year old preschool next year at the church next door to my house. I could not be more excited! I have a few friends that already work there and I believe it is exactly where God wants our family for this time in our lives but it will be extremely hard saying good bye to my close friends at Richland! The women at Richland have been the women that I have spend the majority of my life with for the past 3 years! No worries, Shay, I will be bringing you lunch often =)

Have I mentioned that I am currently coaching TWO cheerleading squads. Yes, TWO! There is currently no 8th grade cheerleading coach so I am doing my own squad (JV) and the 8th grade squad as well. These girls are going to be wonderful! My JV squad is going to be hugely talented, no thanks to me! They came to me this way! But, needless to say, 27 8th and 9th grade girls......whew! Thats alot!

This week my dad sent me an email with a prayer in it. He said it was a wonderful prayer to pray for people in your life. So, I printed it off and I thought it was one of the most wonderful prayers we can pray for our friends, family, and people that we know need prayers. So, here is a prayer for you my friend:


I pray you see in your mind and feel in your heart the height and depth

and breadth of God’s love for you in Christ Jesus;

I pray you err on the side of believing God is too big rather than not big

enough; that He loves you too much rather than not enough to heal

your pain and longing;

I pray you visualize love overtaking every part of your body and mind,

restoring wholeness to areas of deep pain, hurt, unforgiveness and


I pray that you let His perfect love cast out all fear; that you step

boldly into the place of confidence, claiming restoration over the

places the enemy has gained a foothold and destroyed;

I pray you see rivers of living water washing over every cell of your body,

making you clean and whole again;

I pray you let the word of God dwell in you richly, creating a warrior spirit

within you;

I pray you fix your mind on the things of heaven—the joy and perfection

and beauty of the kingdom of God—not on the physical symptoms

and circumstances of the moment;

I pray you let the peace of God rule in your heart; and that you choose

thanksgiving and rejoicing, believing the battle is already won,

already accomplished, already completed;

Let it be so in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen and Amen.”

—from THE SPIRIT TO HEAL by Doreen Lecheler

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break over already??

I feel like just yesterday Spring Break started and here we are starting school again tomorrow! Todd and I had such a fun and relaxing spring break until.....the sinus infection started!! We spent some time in Ashland with Todd's family, a few days in Florence with my parents at the lake and then headed home...UHAUL in tow! Todd didnt know that when we got married that he married into a VERY bad habit of furniture swapping in the Edmundson family! So, when my grandmother was put into a nursing home, Todd and I inherited a whole bedroom suit and some other odds and ends. So, thank you Blake (and Anne) Busbin for interrupting your date to come help us move furniture! All furniture is placed, pictures hung, and the UHAUL is returned! What a successful few days! But, the week just kept getting better! Thank you Uncle Sam, we got a few extra dollars back from the government last month and Todd let me choose what we did with SOME of it. So...(drumroll please...) - We bought a coffee table and a DYSON ball vaccuum! I am a dyson vaccuum fan for life!! If you want to spend an astronomical amount of money on a vaccuum....this is the one for you!! It picks up dirt and hair that you didnt even think you had in your house! Now, all that I have left to remember SBXI is a good old sinus infection! Let Spring begin!! Well, with two days before testing begins in school....time to get those little ones motivated for the tests!! Yay!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Love Dare

So, in Sunday School we started the Love Dare book. Todd and I watched the movie Fireproof before we got married and I loved the idea of the book, but thought it was for couples "on the brink". I have come to find out that it is AMAZING for any couple in any stage of life. Todd and I read it every morning together and then pray together and so all day I get to think about "the dare" at the end of the lesson. It has been fun and really made us focus on each other, in a world that is CRAZY right now for us.

Also, I thought that the stress of cheerleading would be over last Friday when I posted the lists of my cheer squads, but NOOOO the stress is not over, just transfered. The Varsity cheerleading tryouts are tomorrow and of course, I have invested interest. Good luck to my wonderful JV cheerleaders trying out for Varsity, you will do a WONDERFUL job!!! Good luck: Macey, Lauren, Celeste, Jazmyn, Jordan, Darby, Hannah, Sorcha, Molly, and Teiliyah!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Starting of a new cheerleading squad??

I thought the week would never end!! I love spending all afternoon everyday of the week with 50 8th and 9th graders, but I must admit...I am glad the stress is over! Last Friday night we had 8th grade and JV cheerleading tryouts. I know it is a stressful time for the girls and momma's but it is also stressful for the coach! I stressed for the girls! But, I must say, I am very excited about the wonderful, sweet, and talented girls that made the squad this year. The competition was TOUGH but both squads got some GREAT girls! Now on to Varsity tryouts this week! Another fun filled week of cheerleading all afternoons. I do have a lot invested in this tryout. My girls from last year are trying out for Varsity....good luck girls! I love them each so much and wish them all the best.

4 more school days and then off to visit our favorite people....our families!!! Cannot wait to see our moms and dads!! We love them and are excited to spend more than a few hours with each of them! Spring Break can't get here quick enough!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Starting all over again

I cant believe it is that time AGAIN....cheerleading tryouts!! Starting tomorrow a bunch of nervous 7th and 8th graders will gather together in the gym and I will talk to them about the importance of clinic, the expectations if you make cheerleading, and then send them along their way to prepare for cheerleading tryouts. I started thinking about this week about 3 months ago! Forms have been checked, physicals have been turned in, teacher recommendations have been averaged.....its time! I know it sound so cheesy but it truly is such a blessing to be a part of this age of girls! They are funny, a little bit of odd and a lot a bit of sweet! I wouldnt trade it for the world. Here is to lack of sleep, anxiety, and hopefully some very happy girls at the end of the week!! These girls are in my prayers over the next 4 is my sanity!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Its official

It's official....I am changing jobs next year! I am going to be teaching 3 year olds in a preschool from 8-12 everyday and then of course, still coaching cheerleading! Todd and I have prayed and thought about it for a long time and the Lord drew both of us to Cornerstone Methodist (right next door to our house!) So, I applied and the sweet director offered me the job! I told my principal and colleagues this week and can now say that I am so excited about the change! God is going to do wonderful things in our family through this transition...and hopefully teach me to be a better steward of money!

On another note, Todd and I got to spend a wonderful weekend in Birmingham this past weekend, thank you to the AHS showchoir who paid for our hotel, and got to see some of my favorite people! Friday night we got to eat dinner with one of my favorite people who I will consider a best friend for life, Julie Johnston! Then, Saturday we spent the entire day with my parents and ate a WONDERFUL dinner at Todd's favorite, Michaels Steakhouse!

What a week! God is good!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am back!!!

So, I realized that I am not an eventful person and that I would make a very bad "reality TV" star. But, after 3 people in 1 week asked why I had quit my blog.....I decided to start back! I love reading other friends blogs and seeing pictures but don't find that I am that entertaining. The world has changed a lot since August. I am halfway through the school year with my 27 crazy, sweet kids! Todd has officially been Auburn High Schools's principal for over half a year...and survived.

I have also gotten through my first year of coaching JV cheerleaders, and honestly, loved every second of it! Those girls were my heart over the past year. I loved spending the afternoons with them and God has truly shown me that is where my ministry and heart is right now! So.....the cheerleading continues!

Also, a lot of my friends are learning to be new mommies and some are getting ready to become mommies! I am so excited for them and cannot wait to meet some of my closest friends new additions!

The world continues to change, we get busier by the day, but are so thankful for our families and our close friends! God has blessed us tremendously and for that we are thankful!