Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Adoption Road!

We are in full swing with the adoption process. God has been so wonderful through this entire process. He has guided our steps every moment. We have had our 5 homestudy interviews with our amazing social worker, April. She has calmed our nerves and answered all of our questions. We filled out all of our paperwork (which truly  took forever!) and then we made our profile/scrapbook that birth mothers will look at when they are choosing adoptive families. Todd and I are beyond excited about this process and the new adventure that awaits us. There is a possibility that Todd and I will know when we have been chosen and will have a month or so to get everything together. But, there is also the possibility that we will not know until the baby is 5 days old and April will call and tell us to pick our baby up the next day!! Wow, stressful and exciting! We are praying that God prepares our hearts for the journey we are in the middle of. We are also praying for our sweet child and hte birth mother. We know that God has the perfect situation picked out for us and we are praying for patience and a peace that passes all understanding. It has been a long road with us having to "accept" infertility and then start over with adoption, but it has completely been worth the tears and prayers. This process has forced Todd and myself to really discuss parts of our lives and marriage that we would not have had to/gotten to discuss otherwise. Who knew when adopting a baby you would discuss every part of your life from birth to now. One question was "who was the most influential person in your life, other than your parents, before 2nd grade?" - Todd had a great answer about a teacher who shaped who he is today.....I looked at April and with all honesty said, "I am not sure I knew anyone other than my parents existed before 2nd grade!" Seriously, some intense questions! But, it has been fun! Please pray for our hearts as we prepare to wait on the one the Lord has chosen in His perfect timing!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the Mail!!

So, its official....we have mailed in our adoption papers!!! We are so excited and so nervous at the same time. After months of prayer and LOTS of paperwork, we mailed our adoption papers in to Lifeline on Monday. We printed off the adoption papers about a month ago and got overwhelmed with the amount of information they needed for the application. So, with the help of a sweet friend who is going through adoption right now and a precious friend who is a nurse, Todd and I filled out all 9 million pages of paperwork (okay just kidding, but I do think there are at least 20 pages). I have said many times that I married a man with the patience of Job, and that is still true! We went through 2 years of infertility, lots of medicines, dr apts, etc. and tears. It was very hard but I wouldn't trade it for the world because it forced us to come together as a couple and really cling to the Lord. We pray that we keep that same urgency for the Lord through the process of adoption. I know this sounds odd but it has been more stressful for us as a couple than infertility was for us. Yes, I know that it is completely Satan attacking our marriage! We are so excited about the future of our family! Please keep us in your prayers as this is yet another new step for us. Thank you to sweet friends who have prayed for us, talked me through this, laughed at my insanity, and just loved me. It has meant the world!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New adventure....

Well it's official.... We are filing for adoption!!! After so many months of prayers and tears, we have decided God is calling us to adoption! We have not filed, as most agencies require you to be married 3 years. But, we are going to file after our anniversary July 11th! We are so nervous but so excited to see whT the Lord has in store for us! I asked Todd to pray about adoption (again) back in March and we didn't really discuss it again until last week. When I got home Thursday afternoon last week Todd was already home. He said that he felt the Lord calling us to adoption!!! What an answer to prayers! We beg for your prayers, and advice if you have any!! We are thankful for our prayer warrior friends God has put in our lives ad we know that no matter what happens in the future with adoption, we are following the Lords calling..... And we are anxiously excited!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Today is one of those days where I am SO thankful for my sweet mother, my wonderful mother in law, and all of my amazing friends who are mothers, but it is also one of the hardest days of the year for me. Even in the midst of peace, days come up where Satan jumps right in to attack. Today is one of those days. I was blessed with the most amazing woman as my mother! She taught me selfless love, she was the example of a Proverbs 31 woman, and gave me tough advice and love when it was needed. So, I LOVE to honor her on days like today. But, it is also a HUGE reminder that God has greater plans for our lives and that His timing is never early or late! We just have to rely on that promise. We got to spend the afternoon with Todd's side of the family, and his family truly are the greatest in laws. His sisters are my sisters and his parents are my parents. For that, I am thankful! But, of course, I am missing my own momma today! God also laid it on my heart today that I should be thankful for women in my life who are "motherly". Being a mother is not just by birthing a child, it is a choice and actions. I have had so many women who have "mothered" me through parts of my life and I pray that I am that person for young ladies and girls. It is truly one of the main reasons I coach cheerleading, because what 15 year old girl doesnt need a village to raise her???

As for updates about our lives, we need lots of prayer (of course haha!) I said in my last post that we were going to take a break until June. Well, June is coming up! God laid it on my heart to discuss with Todd about the option of adoption again. So, one night, we sat down and cried and prayed and discussed all the options of fertility. Todd's heart is not at complete peace about adoption yet, but I am not worried. God is not a God of confusion and He will lead our hearts to His will, because that is what we are praying! We pray that not Rachel's will or not Todd's will be done, but that our hearts are tied so closely to God's heart, that His will will be the desires of our heart. The great news about Lifeline (the adoption agency we would likely use if we go that route), will not let you apply until you have been married for 3 years. So, we cannot move in that direction until July. So, we are not discussing it until July. We are praying individually that God would reveal His plan and will for our lives and then in July we will start discussing our options again. Right now our options are adoption or IVF. My sweet husband said it best "we chose each other first and we will choose each other last! We desire for a baby more than our hearts can stand, but a baby will not complete our life, only the Lord will fill our hearts!" - though that sounds easy, the desire is so hard it hurts! So, we plead that the Lord's will be done in our lives but then "self" steps in and says "but please make it quick" =)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Peace. What a small word that means so much! I have learned that having peace does not mean I have everything I desire. It means that I am trusting in God's timing and enjoying the place where God has placed me right now. My last post discussed the fact that Todd and I had to take the month of February off because of some large cysts that had to be go away before we could start more shots. Well, February is over. At the end of the month, when I started my period, Todd and I started discussing going back to the doctor. After prayer and a peace that passes all understanding, we have decided to take a break until June! It was a tough decision but we are really enjoying "being normal"! My mom was correct, the hormones and shots had really changed me, and I didnt even realize it! Todd and I are enjoying not having to worry about going to Montgomery and Birmingham. We are trying to sell our house and I am about to get super busy with cheerleading again, so we are liking this time in our life! No over the top sweating at night, no crying for no reason (ok well that may not stop!), no constant worry about weight and appearance, no more getting sick all the time, and so many more symptoms that I did not realize were due to hormones and shots! I looked at T a few nights ago and said "oh my gosh I am craving some frozen yogurt!" He looked at me and said "Yep, my old Rach is back!" It is the simple things! But, for now, we are resting in God's unfailing timing and trusting that this time and place is exactly where He wants us! Until he moves our hearts and bodies, we will be waiting on His timing.....and playing with all of our friends little babies =)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rest in Me says the Lord

This has truly been what the Lord has been telling me recently! We found out on Monday that our 5th IUI did not work. It was harder this time because with the shots and the EIGHT follicles, I thought for sure this would work! But, it didn't. So, after tears and prayers (and a big glass of wine!) :) Todd and I remembered that Gods plans are not our plans and His ways are not our ways and His timing (unfortunately) is not our timing! So, I went back to the doctor on Tuesday for more bloodwork. On the way to the doctor my mom called. She is one of the rocks of my life, and when mamma is concerned, it's time to get concerned! Mom told me that she felt this medicine was effecting me, even though I didn't think it was. She told me that it was okay to take a break and focus on Todd and myself! Of course, I cried and cried. I got very defensive and told her I WAS NOT TAKING A BREAK.I think God was just laughing at my temper tantrum!I say that because I get to the doctors office in Montgomery and we do more bloodwork (4th time in one week!) and an unltrasound. We found out that I had some very large cysts and we would not be able to do anything this month,or until the cysts went away. What was that, Rachel? When the nurse told me we had to wait until March, I was upset but at the same time God whispered, rest in Me!!! Since Tuesday, I have been at complete rest in our situation! It was as if God said, be still My child! What a relief to be able to fully rest in the arms on the Lord! T and I have some major life changing decisions to make this month and it is kind of nice to not worry about shots, doctors appointments, or anything else during this time. We are just praying that come March 6th, all is clear and we get start again fo IUI number 6! Gods timing is not our timing. I appreciate that sometimes, God let's us have our little temper tantrums and then settles our souls like we could never imagine! I am so glad His grace is sufficient, even for me!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do not compare yourselves to others....

Well, of course, I am slacking on the blogging! Things have changed since I last posted. During Christmas we had our 4th IUI. We spent 3 days in Birmingham right after Christmas. We had our 4th IUI and had a great feeling about this IUI. I had lots of symptoms that would indicate that the IUI worked. So, we waited....and waited....and waited for 2 weeks before we could get blood work done to find out if it worked. We found out that it did not work. So, we waited for me to start my period and then I went back to Montgomery for more blood work. For the first time since our initial consult did I feel overwhelmed. One of my nurses, Sarah, met with me and we discussed my new rounds of shots and meds. I have been getting shots and bloodwork at the doctor's office but this round, they trusted me to give my own shots!! When they handed me the needles and medicine, I thought I was going to die! I dont do blood and needles. I want to teach your kid to read, I dont want to learn how to give shots! But, God blessed me with an amazing friend who is a nurse and she is going to help me give my own shots (in my stomach!) We go back to Birmingham this weekend for another ultrasound and possibly our 5th IUI. These shots are supposed to increase the amount of eggs I produce and so they start really talking to me about the possibility of multiple births. But, God won't give me more than I can handle, right?!

On another note, our church has started a bible study for those struggling with infertility. I am really excited to get to join other women in prayer and discussions about how God is working in our lives during this stressful time in our lives.

Also, I titled this post "don't compare yourselves to others" because ANOTHER person I know announced they are pregnant. This normally does not bother me at all and I am genuinely very excited for whomever announces their pregnancy. But, this woman had gone through infertility for just a few months and so Satan took that and let it fester and grow and during Sunday School I finally called it what it was and told Todd that I was jealous of their situation. Well, of course, when I called it what it was, God was there! Why am I surprised? Our sermon during church that day was about God putting you somewhere you dont want to be and what you can learn from it. Okay God, I am listening! Pastor Steve's points were that 1. our purpose in life is to glorify God, not for comfort. 2. DO NOT COMPARE YOUR SITUATION WITH OTHERS! At that point I started crying! Okay Lord, thank you for the reminder! Isn't it funny how God puts sermons, people, and situations in your life EXACTLY when you need it!

So, I have to keep remembering that my ONLY purpose in life is to glorify God and if this is what God has for me right now, I am going to glorify Him during this journey! Please pray for us! We are thankful for our friends who continue to pray and encourage us! Notes, texts, and calls from my friends means more to me than ya'll know! Thank you thank you!