Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Adoption Road!

We are in full swing with the adoption process. God has been so wonderful through this entire process. He has guided our steps every moment. We have had our 5 homestudy interviews with our amazing social worker, April. She has calmed our nerves and answered all of our questions. We filled out all of our paperwork (which truly  took forever!) and then we made our profile/scrapbook that birth mothers will look at when they are choosing adoptive families. Todd and I are beyond excited about this process and the new adventure that awaits us. There is a possibility that Todd and I will know when we have been chosen and will have a month or so to get everything together. But, there is also the possibility that we will not know until the baby is 5 days old and April will call and tell us to pick our baby up the next day!! Wow, stressful and exciting! We are praying that God prepares our hearts for the journey we are in the middle of. We are also praying for our sweet child and hte birth mother. We know that God has the perfect situation picked out for us and we are praying for patience and a peace that passes all understanding. It has been a long road with us having to "accept" infertility and then start over with adoption, but it has completely been worth the tears and prayers. This process has forced Todd and myself to really discuss parts of our lives and marriage that we would not have had to/gotten to discuss otherwise. Who knew when adopting a baby you would discuss every part of your life from birth to now. One question was "who was the most influential person in your life, other than your parents, before 2nd grade?" - Todd had a great answer about a teacher who shaped who he is today.....I looked at April and with all honesty said, "I am not sure I knew anyone other than my parents existed before 2nd grade!" Seriously, some intense questions! But, it has been fun! Please pray for our hearts as we prepare to wait on the one the Lord has chosen in His perfect timing!

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