Sunday, April 3, 2011

Its beginning to feel like spring!

Fall and Spring are my very favorite times of the year! Of course it is also the time that my allergies are at an all time high. The idea of sounding like a man and coughing up my lungs for 3 months in a row....wonderful! But, I have to admit....this weather is completely worth it! With this weather comes the huge sense that summer is coming!! Only 7 more weeks of school! The end of this school year will be bittersweet. As I have mentioned before, I will be teaching 3 year old preschool next year at the church next door to my house. I could not be more excited! I have a few friends that already work there and I believe it is exactly where God wants our family for this time in our lives but it will be extremely hard saying good bye to my close friends at Richland! The women at Richland have been the women that I have spend the majority of my life with for the past 3 years! No worries, Shay, I will be bringing you lunch often =)

Have I mentioned that I am currently coaching TWO cheerleading squads. Yes, TWO! There is currently no 8th grade cheerleading coach so I am doing my own squad (JV) and the 8th grade squad as well. These girls are going to be wonderful! My JV squad is going to be hugely talented, no thanks to me! They came to me this way! But, needless to say, 27 8th and 9th grade girls......whew! Thats alot!

This week my dad sent me an email with a prayer in it. He said it was a wonderful prayer to pray for people in your life. So, I printed it off and I thought it was one of the most wonderful prayers we can pray for our friends, family, and people that we know need prayers. So, here is a prayer for you my friend:


I pray you see in your mind and feel in your heart the height and depth

and breadth of God’s love for you in Christ Jesus;

I pray you err on the side of believing God is too big rather than not big

enough; that He loves you too much rather than not enough to heal

your pain and longing;

I pray you visualize love overtaking every part of your body and mind,

restoring wholeness to areas of deep pain, hurt, unforgiveness and


I pray that you let His perfect love cast out all fear; that you step

boldly into the place of confidence, claiming restoration over the

places the enemy has gained a foothold and destroyed;

I pray you see rivers of living water washing over every cell of your body,

making you clean and whole again;

I pray you let the word of God dwell in you richly, creating a warrior spirit

within you;

I pray you fix your mind on the things of heaven—the joy and perfection

and beauty of the kingdom of God—not on the physical symptoms

and circumstances of the moment;

I pray you let the peace of God rule in your heart; and that you choose

thanksgiving and rejoicing, believing the battle is already won,

already accomplished, already completed;

Let it be so in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen and Amen.”

—from THE SPIRIT TO HEAL by Doreen Lecheler