Monday, July 18, 2011

Hectic life.....wouldn't change a thing!

In May I looked at our calendar and thought, "how in the world are we going to get it all done?" Well here we are and its almost all finished! Wow, where did 8 weeks go?

Since Chrysalis I have spent LOTS of time with 15 amazing young women! The Auburn JV Cheerleaders just finished UCA cheer camp! They are SOOOOO talented, and pretty cool girls, too =) They worked so hard and it paid off! They got second place in cheer and first place in dance at camp. I was so proud of them! I spent 4 LONG days in the Auburn arena, cheering on my girls, dancing with my girls, and bandaging LOTS of injuries! I love this group of girls!

Well, the main event of the summer is finally here! MY LITTLE SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!! Avery is getting married to a wonderful young man named Curtis. Todd and I are SO excited to spend a few days with our family and celebrate this special time in my little sister's life. We are even more excited that this time, it isnt our wedding so we get to REALLY eat and have fun at the reception, without worrying about everyone around us!

Todd and I have reached a new season in our life. I have been quiet about our struggles so far, but I feel that prayers of friends is so important during this time in our life, so I am asking for your prayers! I have been on fertility medicine for 7 months and everytime I get test results back, they come back with low numbers and depressing results. So, Thursday, July 28th, Todd and I are going to Birmingham to a fertility specialist to see what the next steps are in our future. As I told a great friend this morning, I am not nervous about the results because God is in completely control. I am a little nervous about all the test they are going to want to run. I have a ZERO tolerance for pain and hear that some of the tests can get uncomfortable. So, my prayer is that God goes before us and the entire process is bathed in his will and that whatever reason that Todd and I have been struggling with this for a year and a half, I pray that it brings glory to God! Oh, and we covet your prayers!