Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to Running....

I made a New Years Resolution, like the rest of the world, to lose some weight! Everyone says you gain weight your first year of marriage....they just forgot to tell me not to try and eat just like my husband! I figured out I cannot eat like a man and still fit into my clothes, so I am getting back into running! I miss running with Kay Dee, since we used to run together everyday...but knew I had to get back into it. So, I have started running with Cooper, our dog, and my goal is to run a 5K soo and then work back up to another half marathon. I took Cooper to Grove Hill after school today and run into 3 dogs without leashes, one tried to bite Cooper. Then ran into a random man that asked to walk with us. So.....maybe no more Grove Hill runs! Wish me luck! I am back up to an easy 2 or 2 1/2 miles....only about 11 more to go! Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome to the world of blogging.....and our trip to DC

Yes! I know...I am way behind the times of blogging. I have been reading friends blogs for years and have become obsessed. So, my sweet husband finally got tired of me looking at everyone's blogs, and just asked me to finall create a blog! So, here I am. I will hopefully be better at blogging than facebooking. I love keeping up with everyone through blogs and feel like this is the only way to "keep in touch" with some people. Hopefully I am not too far behind, and I can figure this out quickly!!

Todd and I just got back from Washington DC. He had a conference up there and I invited myself to attend and tour. It was VERY cold but such a fun trip. This is my fifth time up there and each time it is even better! Todd only got to join me for touring one day, which was the best day, but the whole trip was great! Now, getting back into the routine of 5th graders after a week off is going to be a VERY hard task!