Sunday, August 29, 2010

School is back in session.....already????

Wow! I cannot believe I have already been in school for 3 weeks. What a bless God has given me in my class this year! I have such sweet kids and I am so thankful for years where God gives me exactly what I need...and want! Twenty five 10 year olds is a lot most days but they are sweet and polite (most of the time) and enjoy being together so hopefully this year will be the best one yet! I dont think that any year it gets any easier to start the school year. I felt just as nervous the first day of school this as I did my very first year but my kids always seem to make me laugh and ease all the anxiety!

Surprisingly, in 3 weeks of school, I have already missed one entire week. Bronchitis has hit and when the doctor told me to "rest for awhile", I guess he really meant it. Because, when I did not rest, it no longer became a suggestion but a requirement. With tons of steroids, antibiotics, inhalers, and a breathing machine, it seems to be getting a little better!

Cheerleading is also in full swing. My girls are so sweet but definitely getting ready for their first football game tomorrow. They seem to love being together and really work hard at practice so I could not be more thankful for sweet 9th grade girls that I get to spend every afternoon with. This has been the perfect group of girls to have as my first cheerleading squad! Pictures to come after the first game!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thank the Lord for Friends

Todd and I are so blessed to have such wonderful friends! We both have Godly wonderful friends of all ages that hold us accountable, share their lives with us, and let us share ours as well. Todd and I have realized that if you have Godly people in your life that you can call a friend, you have more than most people in their life. So, if we are lucky enough to call you our friends, we thank you! We have come to realize friends are few and far between so from church friends, work friends, neighbors, and family, we are thankful for you! You are a blessing!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Year Later....

Todd and I just celebrated our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Wow, it doesn't seem like a year ago we were getting married. This year has flown by. I am absolutely so thankful for the amazing husband, best friend, partner, and leader that God has given me. He makes me laugh, and I think I make him laugh, even though I don't think I mean to!

For our anniversary, Todd gave me a beautiful necklace and suprised me and took me to Atlanta for the weekend! We went and saw Phantom of the Opera at the Fox and then ate at the most delicious restaurant ever, Maggiannos! It was such a fun way to celebrate our first year of marriage.

We talked the entire weekend about our wedding and reception and how much fun we had last year with all of our wonderful friends and family. If you were in Memphis a year ago to help us celebrate, THANK YOU! We love you and treasure your friendship. Thank you Todd for a wonderful year of marriage. Many many more to come.....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Adventures of Summer....

Summer is officially here! I am thankful to have a break from school, just as I am sure my students areready to have a break from me. My class, in its entirety, was actually really funny this year. Those kids made me laugh more than any other class so far. They also made me question myself the most...which in the end, taught me a ton!

One week into summer and I have...cleaned out all the closets, organized all the bathrooms, cleaned all the patio furniture, cleaned the house at least 4 times, read two books,shopped ENTIRELY too much, seen two movies, helped 4 very large men put a fence in our back yard, pulled all the weeds in the flower beds, and cooked a few "edible" meals (which is a miracle)! Needless to say; I dont like being bored. I have also resigned myself to getting up at 6:30 every morning and has been somewhat successful and has made me feel more successful during the day. Todd also bought me new tennis shoes today, so I am hoping that will be even more incentive to get my rear end out of bed and go run in the morning!

Oil?? Well, Todd and I are supposed to go on a week long cruise next week with about 8 other couples. We are supposed to be leaving out of Mobile and going to Cozumel. Todd believes that Mobile Bay may be closed down, therefore, not allowing us to go on cruise!! I will be utterly devestated if that happens....but no worries; I have already been looking up East Coast beaches to visit in lieu of this event. My bet is on Hilton Head!

I am addicted to reading other people's blogs and saw on one of my friend's, Julie's, blog about her Thankful Thursdays. It made me really think about things I am thankful for. So, here they are:
1. My wonderful supportive husband. He lets me be crazy when I need to be, sad when I feel like it, and myself all the time!
2. Family and Friends - where would you really be in life without them?
3. an AMAZING Sunday School class. Todd and I have truly enjoyed getting to know the Godly couples in that class. They have become good freinds of ours.
4. SUMMER TIME! I love when seasons change. But, my favorite part of summer is sitting in the back yard with Todd and our dog, Cooper, and drinking a glass of wine while Todd grills dinner. It is a little piece of paradise without going anywhere.
5. Having time to read, clean, and do anything I really like!

Happy Saturday!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Women's Conference and 17 days until freedom....

I have had the most wonderful and blessed weekend! We had the Women's Conference at our church and we had the best speaker. Rachel Lovingood spoke Friday night and twice on Saturday, and it was absolutely so rewarding. Sometimes you need to be reminded how to live for Christ, and that is exactly what she did! I left refreshed, renewed, and wishing she would speak here more often! God is so great!

Another reason for celebration...17 more days of school! This year has been fun but challenging. It has definitely had its ups and downs but who is NOT excited about summer? My kids know thereare only 17 more days of school and they are getting SUMMER FEVER, for sure! Anyone can do something for 17 days, right? Please remind me of that in about 10 days! I will need some encouragement at that point! we come!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Survival of the Fittest....

So what is the most intense things you can do? I have found mine!! Giving the SAT and coaching JV cheerleading all in the same day! At school we are in the midst of SAT's. Yes, it sounds easy...but dont be fooled! Walking around finding out how much your students DONT know is stressful! That is not to be outdone by my very first JV cheerleading practice! I did survive and actually loved it! I stunted with the girls, ran with them, did sit ups and push ups with them, did toe touches with them....and woke up this morning and couldnt move! I may not try to prove I am still in high school at the next practice! Thankfully, I was able to end the night with some of my very best friends! We started a bunco!!! It was so fun and a great way to get together with friends and just hang out! Cannot wait for the April Bunco party! I am so thankful to work and live with some of the most amazing women. Thank you for being wonderful friends!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Craziness of Life

Todd and I have entered the "craziness of life" time. Do not ask God to use you in mighty ways unless you want to be moved in different areas of life. With Todd taking on principal of the high school next year, I prayed that God would use me for His Kingdom in a special way. Well, none other than JV Cheerleading fell in my lap! God is going to do great things in my life, and as I pray, in the life of the 9th grade girls through the next year. Pray for my sanity PLEASE!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to Running....

I made a New Years Resolution, like the rest of the world, to lose some weight! Everyone says you gain weight your first year of marriage....they just forgot to tell me not to try and eat just like my husband! I figured out I cannot eat like a man and still fit into my clothes, so I am getting back into running! I miss running with Kay Dee, since we used to run together everyday...but knew I had to get back into it. So, I have started running with Cooper, our dog, and my goal is to run a 5K soo and then work back up to another half marathon. I took Cooper to Grove Hill after school today and run into 3 dogs without leashes, one tried to bite Cooper. Then ran into a random man that asked to walk with us. So.....maybe no more Grove Hill runs! Wish me luck! I am back up to an easy 2 or 2 1/2 miles....only about 11 more to go! Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome to the world of blogging.....and our trip to DC

Yes! I know...I am way behind the times of blogging. I have been reading friends blogs for years and have become obsessed. So, my sweet husband finally got tired of me looking at everyone's blogs, and just asked me to finall create a blog! So, here I am. I will hopefully be better at blogging than facebooking. I love keeping up with everyone through blogs and feel like this is the only way to "keep in touch" with some people. Hopefully I am not too far behind, and I can figure this out quickly!!

Todd and I just got back from Washington DC. He had a conference up there and I invited myself to attend and tour. It was VERY cold but such a fun trip. This is my fifth time up there and each time it is even better! Todd only got to join me for touring one day, which was the best day, but the whole trip was great! Now, getting back into the routine of 5th graders after a week off is going to be a VERY hard task!