Monday, August 1, 2011

A Long Road Ahead

Well, Todd and I made it to and from Birmingham in one piece! I have never been nervous about our situation until the morning we were supposed to go to Birmingham to meet with the doctor. Suddenly, on the way up there, I got so nervous! But Todd and I kept repeating, "Be anxious about nothing...." over and over. Well, God proved He is in complete control. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our doctor in Birmingham. She is fantastic and absolutely the smartest woman in the world (okay that may be a little exaggeration!) But, we were there from 9:30-1:00 and were with a doctor or nurse the entire time. They truly learned our history, everything about us, and we left feeling taken care of by some people MUCH smarter than us! So, here is where we are: I am taking Vitamin D, Prenatal Vitamins, Insulin meds, 2 types of hormones, and another medicine that I can only order from a 1-800 number -  and then get to go to the doctor 6 times in a month! - Now, tell me if that doesnt give you heart burn?! But, the praises are that Todd is completely healthy, my doctor did not seem very concerned about my issues at all, and we are on the right path! Praise the Lord!