Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playing the waiting game

Wow, its been so long since I have posted! So much has happened. Todd and I have seen the work of God in so many steps of this process we have taken recently. First off, we LOVE our doctors in Birmingham (and Montgomery). So, we went to Birmingham in July for our initial consult. We left there completely overwhelmed but feeling so taken care of but the VERY smart doctors. Since then I have made 2 more trips to the ART program in B'ham and made about 10 trips to their satelite office in Montgomery. We went through the entire process of shots and medicines (which, I must say, I have become braver with needles!) and done TONS of ultrasounds. The step we just recently took was a big one for us. We had an IUI on Tuesday, September 20th. It was very painless and the best part was that I got a whole day with my husband! So, now we are in the waiting game. I went last week for blood work and they said my progesterone was a 40! (Before I went to B'ham, it was a .017 - so major difference!) and I go back on Monday to have more blood work drawn for a pregnancy test! Todd and I are nervous but know that God is in complete control of the situation. Our insurance pays for 8 IUI's so hopefully we wont have to have 8 of these "fun" things, but we know that we will do whatever the doctors advise us to do. What a praise that there are people ALOT smarter than us that can lead us through this process! Isn't God so great?