Sunday, May 2, 2010

Women's Conference and 17 days until freedom....

I have had the most wonderful and blessed weekend! We had the Women's Conference at our church and we had the best speaker. Rachel Lovingood spoke Friday night and twice on Saturday, and it was absolutely so rewarding. Sometimes you need to be reminded how to live for Christ, and that is exactly what she did! I left refreshed, renewed, and wishing she would speak here more often! God is so great!

Another reason for celebration...17 more days of school! This year has been fun but challenging. It has definitely had its ups and downs but who is NOT excited about summer? My kids know thereare only 17 more days of school and they are getting SUMMER FEVER, for sure! Anyone can do something for 17 days, right? Please remind me of that in about 10 days! I will need some encouragement at that point! we come!