Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If I could go into full time ministry with teenage girls, I would do it! I was absolutely blessed to be a part of an amazing weekend of Chrysalis this past weekend! God worked in wonderful ways in many of the teenage girls at Chrysalis. It was such a tiring weekend but completely worth it. We ate ALOT, spent alot of time in a freezing conference room, and got to spend a lot of time praying and worshipping. I am so thankful for the friends that I got to meet and spend time with this past weekend. God is definitely moving in the life of teen girls and for that, I am SO thankful!! One of the greatest quotes of the weekend was:

"Your worth is not found in your circumstances or others opinions. Your worth is found in the favor of your Heavenly Father! You are a daughter of the King" - I think every girl (no matter the age) needs to hear that!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Halfway Through?

I cannot believe it is already almost the end of June! Where has the summer gone? I know where ours has gone.....traveling! It is so fun but we have spent more time on the road than we have at our own house this summer. My little sister, Avery, is getting married July 23rd so we have gotten to go to Memphis and help her and Curtis celebrate earlier this month! We also got to spend some good time with my mom and dad during that weekend in Memphis.

We have also spent a few weekends in Ashland with Todd's family. Unfortunately, two of those times have been for funerals.Todd's grandmother passed away on Good Friday and her funeral was on Easter Sunday. Todd gave the eulogy and did a fantastic job! But, Friday morning we received news that his grandfather was in the emergency room. His grandfather passed away friday at 2:30 and his funeral was on Father's Day. Todd gave the eulogy again and did a great job, of course!

We have also spend time at the my parents lake house and my favorite....THE BEACH! We spent a week in Gulf Shores (last week) and had such a fun time! As much as we desire to have children, we are enjoying the time that we get to just "run away" just the two of us! We just spent the days laying in the sun, went to dinner about 5:00 (surprised Julie J.?!) and went to bed early....it was perfect!

Todd and I still have tons more traveling to do this summer and are constantly praying for safe travels. Prattville, Selma, Nashville, Florence, Ashland, and Memphis.....here we come this summer!

We also started cheerleading back today. I missed those girls so much when we didnt have practice and am so glad to spend time with them. God has blessed me with another amazing group of young women. I love seeing them figure things out during their 9th grade year....what a year of change in young girls lives! We go to cheerleading camp in the middle of July.....pray for me! If we all still love each other after cheer camp, it will be a miracle! But, I'm enjoying them, for now =)