Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Adventures of Summer....

Summer is officially here! I am thankful to have a break from school, just as I am sure my students areready to have a break from me. My class, in its entirety, was actually really funny this year. Those kids made me laugh more than any other class so far. They also made me question myself the most...which in the end, taught me a ton!

One week into summer and I have...cleaned out all the closets, organized all the bathrooms, cleaned all the patio furniture, cleaned the house at least 4 times, read two books,shopped ENTIRELY too much, seen two movies, helped 4 very large men put a fence in our back yard, pulled all the weeds in the flower beds, and cooked a few "edible" meals (which is a miracle)! Needless to say; I dont like being bored. I have also resigned myself to getting up at 6:30 every morning and has been somewhat successful and has made me feel more successful during the day. Todd also bought me new tennis shoes today, so I am hoping that will be even more incentive to get my rear end out of bed and go run in the morning!

Oil?? Well, Todd and I are supposed to go on a week long cruise next week with about 8 other couples. We are supposed to be leaving out of Mobile and going to Cozumel. Todd believes that Mobile Bay may be closed down, therefore, not allowing us to go on cruise!! I will be utterly devestated if that happens....but no worries; I have already been looking up East Coast beaches to visit in lieu of this event. My bet is on Hilton Head!

I am addicted to reading other people's blogs and saw on one of my friend's, Julie's, blog about her Thankful Thursdays. It made me really think about things I am thankful for. So, here they are:
1. My wonderful supportive husband. He lets me be crazy when I need to be, sad when I feel like it, and myself all the time!
2. Family and Friends - where would you really be in life without them?
3. an AMAZING Sunday School class. Todd and I have truly enjoyed getting to know the Godly couples in that class. They have become good freinds of ours.
4. SUMMER TIME! I love when seasons change. But, my favorite part of summer is sitting in the back yard with Todd and our dog, Cooper, and drinking a glass of wine while Todd grills dinner. It is a little piece of paradise without going anywhere.
5. Having time to read, clean, and do anything I really like!

Happy Saturday!