Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break over already??

I feel like just yesterday Spring Break started and here we are starting school again tomorrow! Todd and I had such a fun and relaxing spring break until.....the sinus infection started!! We spent some time in Ashland with Todd's family, a few days in Florence with my parents at the lake and then headed home...UHAUL in tow! Todd didnt know that when we got married that he married into a VERY bad habit of furniture swapping in the Edmundson family! So, when my grandmother was put into a nursing home, Todd and I inherited a whole bedroom suit and some other odds and ends. So, thank you Blake (and Anne) Busbin for interrupting your date to come help us move furniture! All furniture is placed, pictures hung, and the UHAUL is returned! What a successful few days! But, the week just kept getting better! Thank you Uncle Sam, we got a few extra dollars back from the government last month and Todd let me choose what we did with SOME of it. So...(drumroll please...) - We bought a coffee table and a DYSON ball vaccuum! I am a dyson vaccuum fan for life!! If you want to spend an astronomical amount of money on a vaccuum....this is the one for you!! It picks up dirt and hair that you didnt even think you had in your house! Now, all that I have left to remember SBXI is a good old sinus infection! Let Spring begin!! Well, with two days before testing begins in school....time to get those little ones motivated for the tests!! Yay!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Love Dare

So, in Sunday School we started the Love Dare book. Todd and I watched the movie Fireproof before we got married and I loved the idea of the book, but thought it was for couples "on the brink". I have come to find out that it is AMAZING for any couple in any stage of life. Todd and I read it every morning together and then pray together and so all day I get to think about "the dare" at the end of the lesson. It has been fun and really made us focus on each other, in a world that is CRAZY right now for us.

Also, I thought that the stress of cheerleading would be over last Friday when I posted the lists of my cheer squads, but NOOOO the stress is not over, just transfered. The Varsity cheerleading tryouts are tomorrow and of course, I have invested interest. Good luck to my wonderful JV cheerleaders trying out for Varsity, you will do a WONDERFUL job!!! Good luck: Macey, Lauren, Celeste, Jazmyn, Jordan, Darby, Hannah, Sorcha, Molly, and Teiliyah!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Starting of a new cheerleading squad??

I thought the week would never end!! I love spending all afternoon everyday of the week with 50 8th and 9th graders, but I must admit...I am glad the stress is over! Last Friday night we had 8th grade and JV cheerleading tryouts. I know it is a stressful time for the girls and momma's but it is also stressful for the coach! I stressed for the girls! But, I must say, I am very excited about the wonderful, sweet, and talented girls that made the squad this year. The competition was TOUGH but both squads got some GREAT girls! Now on to Varsity tryouts this week! Another fun filled week of cheerleading all afternoons. I do have a lot invested in this tryout. My girls from last year are trying out for Varsity....good luck girls! I love them each so much and wish them all the best.

4 more school days and then off to visit our favorite people....our families!!! Cannot wait to see our moms and dads!! We love them and are excited to spend more than a few hours with each of them! Spring Break can't get here quick enough!