Tuesday, November 26, 2013

God has heard.....

Wow it has been over a year since I have written anything. I guess one reason that I have not written is that there had not been too much to update until recently. So many people have asked us to write down the full story of how God has been so faithful to his promises to deliver us OUR PRECIOUS SON, so I thought I would back up and recount from my last post. (no worries, not day by day!)

When we started the adoption process, I was lost on how to go about it all. But, I did email a few friends who are OBGYNs and told them we were starting adoption and that if anyone ever came into the hospital or office and wanted to give their baby up, please consider us. One OB told me to send her info about us and she would keep it "just in case". Well, I never did that and didnt think much more about my conversations with those doctors. It was just something I checked off the list.

Through Lifeline, we had many opportunities to be viewed by birth parents. We had some that we felt the Lord really pulling at us and we were so hopeful, and we had some that we passed on (meaning the birth mother never saw our adoption book) for one reason or another. Each time, when we found out that the birth parents chose another couple, it was hard! I started to question what is wrong with me, or us as a couple, that we were never chosen. But, the Lord constantly whispered into the darkness that our perfect child was being prepared for us! 

One day in my conversation in my heart, I thought, "Maybe if we could meet a birth mother, she wouldn't be scared of our age difference." Knowing that through Lifeline, a birthmother chooses adoptive parents and THEN meets them. I also kept thinking, I dont want to know for a long time before the birth mother has her because I would be anxious and nervous for months and we all know that patience is not my favorite Fruit of the Spirit! I can now just picture God laughing at my own conversation in my heart!

In the midst of adoption, our life turned upside down. We were given the wonderful opportunity to move to Sylacauga, AL for Todd to become the Superintendent of Sylacauga City Schools. He applied in April, Interviewed in May, accepted the job a week later, and we moved the end of June. It was fast and furious! We still miss our home and friends in Auburn but now can see SO CLEARLY the Lord was laying foundation for His perfect plan! I was having a hard time leaving my friends in Auburn, so I would continue to go back and visit frequently. That is where the story picks up....

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013, I had planned to go to Auburn and shop, play, and eat lunch with friends and their kids. I RARELY have a hard time being around my friend's children. But, that day, it was hard. I had been in a city I missed that was no longer home, and had eaten lunch with some of my very closest friends and their children and when I got in the car to drive back to my new town, I just lost it! I was having what I considered a self appointed, somewhat appropriate, pity party! I was questioning God, asking if He was listening to the years of prayers of my heart....if I had only know AT THAT VERY TIME my sweet son's birth mother was going into the hospital in labor.

Fast forward to Thursday, October 3rd, 2013. It was a typical day in my life. I had gotten up and gone running and was planning on going grocery shopping. I was sitting in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot, looking for an email with a recipe when I got a Facebook message from an OB friend. The exact message was "call me ASAP". So, I call her. These were her exact words: "Rachel, let me walk you through this situation. I was not supposed to work on Tuesday night but I did and a young girl I know came in with what she thought was food poisoning and turns out she was in labor. She delivered a healthy baby boy on Tuesday night." She then proceeded to tell me that she was making rounds today (thursday morning) and the birth mother told her she wanted to give her baby up for adoption and didnt know if she knew anyone who wanted to adopt a baby privately. So, the OB said, "Do you have a baby and if not, can you be in Auburn this afternoon." I was SPEECHLESS. I immediately told her we would be there and she told me that she was going to give my number to the birthmother and so we were to wait for the birth mother to call us.

So, I called Todd (3 times before I got him to answer). I picked him up and we were in Auburn by noon! As we were pulling into Tigertown, the birthmother called me. It was what I can only call it a "God appointed" conversation. We talked about her situation, about our desire to have children and we agreed to meet at 5:00 pm that afternoon. In that conversation, it was never a question of IF she would give us her child, it was a conversation about HOW to go about the adoption. We promised to contact our attorney friend in Auburn and get the ball rolling. So, between 12-5 we were in touch with our attorney friend and we also went to Target to get all the "essentials". Thank you, Avery Gardner. She emailed me a list of all "essentials" for the first few days. Remember, Todd and I had NOTHING baby related, not even a carseat! So, we were starting from scratch and had about 4 hours to do it!

We went to the hospital and were able to meet Sam's birth mother (and her mother), and birth father (and his mother).  We spent an hour in the hospital with them and Sam. I was able to hold him, feed him, and change him in that hour. There are absolutely no words to describe the feeling Todd and I had when we walked into that hospital room that night and met the answer to YEARS of prayers!

We left the hospital that night and the only direction we had was that when the birthmother was discharged the next morning, she would call us and we would come pick up Sam. So, from there we went to two of our best friend's house. Thank you Blake and Anne Busbin for letting us come and "be in a fog" with you for a little while. We will never forget being about to just sit and absorb for a few minutes before coming home. We returned to Sylacauga about 10:00pm, only to be awake and showered and ready to head back to Auburn at 4:00am.

We got back to Auburn and heard from the birthmother about lunchtime. We went to be discharged with her and it is the most awkward, rewarding, amazing, and sad experience all rolled in to one. Our hearts broke for this sweet young girl who was making the bravest decision in her life, and our hearts were overjoyed with the anticipation of being able to bring Sam home all at once. So, FINALLY we were all discharged and able put him in the car with us.  We prayed for, who we now call "our birthmother", and hugged and kissed her and we left. We came home to Todd's whole family and my mom and dad at our house ready to celebrate with us. What an experience and emotional two days the Lord had brought us through.

There are so many "God moments" in our story. From the OB who knew she HAD to call us, to the nurse knowing Todd through AHS, to the amount of time we needed/had to prepare for Sam, to friends GIVING me so many things that I needed for Sam's arrival. His timing is perfect, and HE WAS LISTENING to my heart!

As of today, November 26th, Samuel Jones Freeman is officially ours! Papers have been signed, our court date has come and gone, and we are officially and forever a family!

Samuel came from the story in 1 Samuel where Hannah prayed for a child and the Lord heard her prayers. Jones is my grandmother's maiden name and a side of the family who were precious and hard working people.

The meaning of Samuel is "God has heard" - oh what an approrpriate name! The Lord has heard every cry and listened to the desires of my heart to intense to speak. The Lord is faithful and gives me, a human so sinful, more than I deserve. Yes, sweet Samuel, The Lord has heard! Oh indeed, HE HAS HEARD!