Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do not compare yourselves to others....

Well, of course, I am slacking on the blogging! Things have changed since I last posted. During Christmas we had our 4th IUI. We spent 3 days in Birmingham right after Christmas. We had our 4th IUI and had a great feeling about this IUI. I had lots of symptoms that would indicate that the IUI worked. So, we waited....and waited....and waited for 2 weeks before we could get blood work done to find out if it worked. We found out that it did not work. So, we waited for me to start my period and then I went back to Montgomery for more blood work. For the first time since our initial consult did I feel overwhelmed. One of my nurses, Sarah, met with me and we discussed my new rounds of shots and meds. I have been getting shots and bloodwork at the doctor's office but this round, they trusted me to give my own shots!! When they handed me the needles and medicine, I thought I was going to die! I dont do blood and needles. I want to teach your kid to read, I dont want to learn how to give shots! But, God blessed me with an amazing friend who is a nurse and she is going to help me give my own shots (in my stomach!) We go back to Birmingham this weekend for another ultrasound and possibly our 5th IUI. These shots are supposed to increase the amount of eggs I produce and so they start really talking to me about the possibility of multiple births. But, God won't give me more than I can handle, right?!

On another note, our church has started a bible study for those struggling with infertility. I am really excited to get to join other women in prayer and discussions about how God is working in our lives during this stressful time in our lives.

Also, I titled this post "don't compare yourselves to others" because ANOTHER person I know announced they are pregnant. This normally does not bother me at all and I am genuinely very excited for whomever announces their pregnancy. But, this woman had gone through infertility for just a few months and so Satan took that and let it fester and grow and during Sunday School I finally called it what it was and told Todd that I was jealous of their situation. Well, of course, when I called it what it was, God was there! Why am I surprised? Our sermon during church that day was about God putting you somewhere you dont want to be and what you can learn from it. Okay God, I am listening! Pastor Steve's points were that 1. our purpose in life is to glorify God, not for comfort. 2. DO NOT COMPARE YOUR SITUATION WITH OTHERS! At that point I started crying! Okay Lord, thank you for the reminder! Isn't it funny how God puts sermons, people, and situations in your life EXACTLY when you need it!

So, I have to keep remembering that my ONLY purpose in life is to glorify God and if this is what God has for me right now, I am going to glorify Him during this journey! Please pray for us! We are thankful for our friends who continue to pray and encourage us! Notes, texts, and calls from my friends means more to me than ya'll know! Thank you thank you!