Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the Mail!!

So, its official....we have mailed in our adoption papers!!! We are so excited and so nervous at the same time. After months of prayer and LOTS of paperwork, we mailed our adoption papers in to Lifeline on Monday. We printed off the adoption papers about a month ago and got overwhelmed with the amount of information they needed for the application. So, with the help of a sweet friend who is going through adoption right now and a precious friend who is a nurse, Todd and I filled out all 9 million pages of paperwork (okay just kidding, but I do think there are at least 20 pages). I have said many times that I married a man with the patience of Job, and that is still true! We went through 2 years of infertility, lots of medicines, dr apts, etc. and tears. It was very hard but I wouldn't trade it for the world because it forced us to come together as a couple and really cling to the Lord. We pray that we keep that same urgency for the Lord through the process of adoption. I know this sounds odd but it has been more stressful for us as a couple than infertility was for us. Yes, I know that it is completely Satan attacking our marriage! We are so excited about the future of our family! Please keep us in your prayers as this is yet another new step for us. Thank you to sweet friends who have prayed for us, talked me through this, laughed at my insanity, and just loved me. It has meant the world!


  1. What great, happy news!!! I am so, so, so excited that the first step is out of the way and your adventure has started. Will be praying every day!