Saturday, June 16, 2012

New adventure....

Well it's official.... We are filing for adoption!!! After so many months of prayers and tears, we have decided God is calling us to adoption! We have not filed, as most agencies require you to be married 3 years. But, we are going to file after our anniversary July 11th! We are so nervous but so excited to see whT the Lord has in store for us! I asked Todd to pray about adoption (again) back in March and we didn't really discuss it again until last week. When I got home Thursday afternoon last week Todd was already home. He said that he felt the Lord calling us to adoption!!! What an answer to prayers! We beg for your prayers, and advice if you have any!! We are thankful for our prayer warrior friends God has put in our lives ad we know that no matter what happens in the future with adoption, we are following the Lords calling..... And we are anxiously excited!

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