Saturday, March 10, 2012


Peace. What a small word that means so much! I have learned that having peace does not mean I have everything I desire. It means that I am trusting in God's timing and enjoying the place where God has placed me right now. My last post discussed the fact that Todd and I had to take the month of February off because of some large cysts that had to be go away before we could start more shots. Well, February is over. At the end of the month, when I started my period, Todd and I started discussing going back to the doctor. After prayer and a peace that passes all understanding, we have decided to take a break until June! It was a tough decision but we are really enjoying "being normal"! My mom was correct, the hormones and shots had really changed me, and I didnt even realize it! Todd and I are enjoying not having to worry about going to Montgomery and Birmingham. We are trying to sell our house and I am about to get super busy with cheerleading again, so we are liking this time in our life! No over the top sweating at night, no crying for no reason (ok well that may not stop!), no constant worry about weight and appearance, no more getting sick all the time, and so many more symptoms that I did not realize were due to hormones and shots! I looked at T a few nights ago and said "oh my gosh I am craving some frozen yogurt!" He looked at me and said "Yep, my old Rach is back!" It is the simple things! But, for now, we are resting in God's unfailing timing and trusting that this time and place is exactly where He wants us! Until he moves our hearts and bodies, we will be waiting on His timing.....and playing with all of our friends little babies =)


  1. Love you, Rach! I'd love to catch up soon...maybe a meet-up in Montgomery? Still keeping you and Todd in out prayers!

  2. I'm so glad you and Todd have such peace about this. I'm also glad you're getting reacquainted with NORMAL, at least for the next few months. You're both in my prayers!